Turtles nesting on Croatan beach

The CCL was contacted today by the Virginia Aquarium Husbandry & Nesting team about a turtle nest on Croatan beach. They are asking that houses on the beach side of S. Atlantic between Aqua Ln. and S. Maryland which are closest the nest turn off their outside lights for the next few weeks. Sea turtles use the reflection of light off of the water to help orient towards the ocean and other light sources may confuse them.
See the flyer below for more information or contact EBates@VirginiaAquarium.com.

Sea turtle nest on Croatan Beach:

  • Discovered 7/12/2021
  • Believed to be laid by a green sea turtle based on the tracks and species was confirmed when members of the public provided photos of the turtle they had seen the night before
  • Average incubation for green sea turtle eggs is 60 days but this can vary based on temperature and moisture. We are estimating hatch around 55 days
  • We will be providing a team of nest sitters to monitor the nest overnight beginning a couple days before estimated hatch and a perimeter will be set up each night to protect the hatchlings
  • Residents are welcome to visit the beach at night and view the event (though we cannot guarantee a date or time) but will not be allowed inside the perimeter per Fish & Wildlife Service and Department of Wildlife Resources guidelines
  • When hatchlings do emerge, we ask that no light source be shone on them or in the direction of the nest. Our team will have red light flashlights but will only use them if needed
  • Residents closest to the nest are asked to turn off exterior lights at night for the first two weeks of September to help the hatchlings find the ocean

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