Wildlife in Croatan

by Susanna H. Miller (Suditi)

Is Three Really a Crowd? 

This month, I am revisiting a memory from a childhood book that fostered a thirst to know more… “Gurney’s Guide to Feathered Friends”. I barely remember the book, but for its humorous approach to presenting information and a section on names for groups of birds… such as: A Cast of Hawks, a Covey of Quail…

Check out these Groups of Critters..

This month will Quack you up… 

With the sort of weather we have had lately, it seems a good time to recognize the waterfowl of Croatan. These waterfowl include just a few of the diving and dabbling ducks, but by no means all of the numerous waterfowl species that visit and live here.

This month I thought I would share some of the photos I have taken over the years… all from my backyard. I will include the common names, a quick line, maybe, and a link , but will leave you to explore their biology online if you wish.

Here are some of examples of waterfowl in Croatan

Birdwatching… With Your Ears!

There are moments that change the way you see the world. One of those times for me was when I took over a project for my Masters work in wildlife ecology at the University of Florida. The project required bird identification season by season in large area plots in pine forests. I spent months learning birds by call and song, as well as sight. Breeding birds, wintering birds, migrating birds, juvenile birds, courting birds, fighting birds… it was a jungle out there!

I am going to suggest you check out a few of the commonly heard, but less often seen birds of Croatan… The Audubon Society has an awesome bird identification system that gives several recordings of calls and songs for each species. You may be surprised to recognize some of your feathered friends’ songs once you hear them.

Here are some of the common birds in Croatan

Wildlife Management Techniques as Pest Control

Pest control can have many meanings to many people. Often it results in calling a professional or using chemicals that are sometimes indiscriminant. This month I am going to suggest a few natural options for managing species: some that are considered pests and some that help pest control. It may not be a complete fix, or even practical for your situation, but, hopefully, it will give some food for thought (or encouragement if you are already putting them into practice). You may be able to add ideas for your yard…

Here are some of examples

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