Croatan has organized a Neighborhood Security Program to help keep our community safe. It is based on the premise that communication is our biggest ally in fighting crime.

Croatan Civic League members and residents contribute the neighborhood security fund. The number of hours of patrol service varies based on the contributions and the time of the year.

While the patrol does not eliminate all of our problems, it significantly reduces problems such as speeding, vandalism, and parking problems. The Croatan Civic League Board wants to make sure that these patrols are meeting your needs and giving you a good return on your Security Fund Contributions. Our Board member overseeing Security is Connie Agresti. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding security in general, if you have a specific concern (please include a description with day(s) and time(s) of any incident), or for residents who are frequently away, would like for the patrol to conduct periodic home checks. The patrol will make every effort to address your concerns as part of their patrol activity.

Please consider contributing to the neighborhood security fund to help with this important program. You do not have to be a Croatan Civic League member to contribute.

To contribute please enter your information below to pay online via a secure credit card payment.

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