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The CCL is in communication with the office of communications at Dominion Energy to keep the residents of Croatan updated on the CVOW project and its impact on the neighborhood. Dominion has agreed to send periodic updates on relation to the work being done at Camp Pendleton. 

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  • Carrie Rose Pace - Senior Communications Specialist
  • Email -
  • Office phone - 804-771-4878

Daily updates will be posted on the Croatan Beach Facebook page and Nextdoor.


  • April 3rd - Beginning as early as April 8, 2024 until the end of July, nighttime work and lane closures can be expected on Oceana Boulevard between Harpers Road and Bells Road. We will install underground infrastructure in duct bank that crosses Oceana Boulevard north of the intersection with Harpers Road. This work will progress across the road in stages to minimize traffic impacts.Work hours are from 7pm to 5am Sunday night through Saturday morning.
    -At least one lane will be open in both directions of Oceana Boulevard. All lanes will be open during the day. As crews safely secure the work zone with steel plates, traffic stoppages lasting up to 15 minutes are possible.
    For everyone's safety, please follow posted signs, flagger instructions, and speed limits.
  • The CCL has been informed that the work at Camp Pendleton will pause from April 15th - May 15th due to military needs
  • March 26th pm - We are done with the percussive/hammering activity at the Direct Pipe pit for today. We plan to finish the last percussive/hammering activity at the pit tomorrow by lunchtime. This is still prep work for the summer Direct Pipe work planned.
  • March 26th am - We successfully completed the pull back last night of the last HDD under Lake Christine. Activity today by the lake will be noticeably lower. We have minimal hydrovac trucks in use today.
    However, neighbors closer to the Direct Pipe worksite (Rifle Range near the beach side) will notice periodic daytime percussive sounds. We are moving some pipes in the pit to prepare for Phase 2 Direct Pipe work planned this summer. The percussive sounds should be of short duration.
  • March 25th pm - the pull back is underway. The efforts previously explained worked, and we are making good progress on the pull back of the pipe.
    Because the pipe pull back is actively in progress again, the team will proceed with the pull back operation until complete. This means that there will be active work overnight, rather than setting the equipment on hold like recent nights. To minimize overnight noise, we are using the sound buffer panels and reducing to the minimum hydrovac trucks necessary.
  • March 25th am -just received an update on progress during the weekend:
    Saturday: The team successfully used the custom tool.
    Sunday: The team made adjustments to the pipe underground.
    Overnights: The drill rig continues to run at the lowest possible RPM to hold the pipe’s position. The sound levels are being monitored in real time on both sides of Lake Christine to ensure the noise levels remain acceptable at night.
    Today: The team will continue pipe adjustments and periodic hammering activities.
  • March 22th -The drill rig continues to operate, and ran at the lowest possible RPM overnight to hold the pipe’s position until day shift.
    The hammering activity, which occurs periodically during day shift, is making progress with the pipe.
    However, we are currently preparing a custom part onsite that we anticipate will further help us finish the pull back asap.
    The hydrovac truck and drill rig continue to operate with sound buffer panels in place.
    We want to resolve this issue quickly, and thank neighbors for their patience. This is the last step of the pull back phase, with a relatively short distance remaining."

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