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This document is from the City Council August retreat - the Focused Action Plan.


Croatan Beach Update

Ladies and gentlemen,

Important:  Sand won’t come until 2025, not 2024, as expected.  The reason is in the text.

I received this note from Dan Adams, Department of Public Works – Engineering, Coastal Program Manager

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In the event you need to file a complaint about a short-term rental, you can report a noise violation to 3-1-1 or direct general complaints to the 24/7 hotline, 757-210-5385, which are all filtered to the Zoning Office. Learn more about STRs and the process fo…

Native Plants for Southeast Virginia including Hampton Roads.  Click Here to view the publication

A costal engineering study of Croatan Beach shoreline and beach profile
behavior in context of historical and present sand bypassing and
dredging practices at Rudee Inlet.

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The CCL would like to share some tips with you to enhance your safety, preserve our neighborhood environment.

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Today the Post Commander of Camp Pendleton has authorized has begun Phase One of re-opening. I know during this pandemic, our policy has been no boats may enter our side of Lake Christine from Croatan. However, that has changed and the Post Commander is now using the previous policy of reciprocity as part of our Phase One re-opening. I have attached the updated policy (see below). See #8 in the attachment for the policy on reciprocity. In shor…

This is a presentation discussing Virginia Beach's proposed plan to deal with Sea Level rise in the area. Full presentation can be found at by clicking here  or go to…

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